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Satan's microphone

Satan has the microphone
The media is overrun with programs that challenge, mock and undermine everything that Christianity stands for. In America, we cannot avoid its influence. "Turn off the TV," people say, but that is usless advice. Unless you live in a cave, even if you don't have a television, internet or a radio, the house next door, the restaurants you visit, the gas stations, they all have televisions. And even if you avoid all those, your associates at work will talk about it around the water cooler. So the words that rot away faith seep in whether you want them to or not.
God does nothing to silence him
There is no divine action being done to silence the voices of dissent. These lies spread to every corner of our nation in the same was it was once said that scripture existed, day and night pouring fourth speech against the Almighty. Still He does nothing. The moral fabric of society has decayed so much that it looks like a burlap bag with holes in it, but nobody is silenced except the faithful, who are marginalized for believing in Him and communicating what He says verbatim. Unless you skew the truth of Jesus and preach permissiveness to all sin, you're a pariah. That being said, if you behave like an idiot, you are allowed to share your faith openly with the masses, as long as you make theism look like a thing for the ignorant, and your viewpoint doesn't challenge this culture of corruption in any significant way.
I'd say more on this matter, but the only thing it would do is cause people to remove themselves from my friend list. This will probably happen anyway, but I'd rather have it happen later, as it's not the point of this statement.

We are powerless to do anything about it.
When the Almighty doesn't cover up these people's mouths, Christians try, and fail. Consider all the media products that have had their sales boosted by protests over blasphemy. Christians condemn the music from the pulpit, burn the books in public places, and what is the result? The churches declare bankruptcy and the blasphemer buys a yacht with the profits from his or her sales. Sometimes there's even some psycho that kills the producer over it, and then there's a martyr for the cause of blasphemy.
Why bother?
If God doesn't do anything about it, and we have no power, why do anything? For half my life, I have run up against this wall. I have screamed and spat into the hurricane of the media's godlessness, with all my might, and it only left me hoarse, bitter and disillusioned. My voice went unheard. God's word remained comprimised, and Satan's word remained as a gale force wind.
After beating my head against this metaphorical wall for so long, I came to this inescapable conclusion:
If God really wants something to be done about this, He'll have to do something about it Himself. I don't have to care.
If He wants to use me as his mouthpiece in order to accomplish that end, fine, but I'm not going to independently go up against the giant on my own as a non puppet. I'm not going to even try.
A Christian reading this might disagree and tell me to put forth an effort, that evil reigns while good men do nothing, but whatever words I come up with are always the wrong ones. They go unheard. The silence is deafening as the words of Satan. And so I respectfully excuse myself from this early heart failure. Unless I suddenly find myself being used as God's puppet, in which case such intense effort would not be required, and I'd actually be able to see some sort of productive results to my labors.
Prayers must be done to this end, but the adage "let go and let God" seems entirely appropriate in this situation. Here the proverbial starfish being thrown back into the ocean by the child only bites the child, demanding that there be more scorching beach to lay upon.
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