Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote,

Sex: False Advertisements and Chemicals

Some say sex is the greatest act of human affection one can perform, but it is really the most selfish act of human affection.
The need that is not a need
You cannot die from a lack of sex.
When a man has no food, you feel sorry and feed him. When a man has no clothes, you give him an orange jumpsuit. The homeless get shelters. But nobody feels sorry for the man who has no sex. Therefore, it is not a need.
In fact, it is the only need that causes need. The last thing a poor man needs is another mouth to feed, and that's exactly what sex produces.
Yet psychologists and advertisers claim that sex is a need.
"Sells sex," not "sex sells"
Advertisers think that pairing sex with a product will generate sales. While this seems to get some mediocre results, what they are really doing is using products to sell sex. The planet is overpopulated as it is, and these advertisements actually are doing nothing more than telling people to make more babies. This is the last thing we need.
Nobody needs to be told to have sex. What they need to be told is to stop, and nobody will do this.
How much of this actually stems from actual caring for the other person rather than a bunch of mindless chemical reactions based on physical appearance and other shallow factors?
Lust is primarily from glands, and possibly swelling intestines pressing blood cells into reproductive organs (why else do most people have sex after a big meal?).
Chemicals like caffeine (present in those heart shaped boxes of chocolates) stimulate the reproductive system. Alcohol and other drugs may also provide a catalyst for those thoughtless waves of instinctual craving.
Instead of developing ways to control these chemicals and processes in order to reduce these appetites for sex, scientists are busy at work producing pills that counteract erectile dysfunction.
In a world of steadily decreasing resources, and a diminishing food supply, this is a tragedy.
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