I care about overweight women (I know quite a few at work and church, and we're friends) but when I pick them up on dating sites, they complain that I'm not being romantic enough with them. Is it so wrong or sinful that I don't want to jump their bones? observations

1. If the moderators have to approve every single change you make to your profile, why can't the damn assholes go the extra step and tell you if there's something you wrote or posted that makes you the ultimate pariah on the website? If all the attractive females on the site don't want to touch me with a ten foot pole, I want to know why, but none of these moderators bother to give me a friggin clue!
Oh. Right. I get it now. Nothing makes them more money than a Forever Alone who doesn't friggin know that they're doing something wrong. You've got to get your tri-monthly lump payments of $80 somehow!
2. I thought that maybe the reason why cute women on the site refuse to reply to my messages was because of what I said, or had on my profile (or cyberstalked me on Livejournal and saw my rantings), but I think in actuality they get messaged before anyone else, and already have found someone, OR (perhaps more likely) they took one look at my income and said no.
Even if I fit into a higher income bracket, I'm not sure I'd advertise. It seems like a lot of women on the site are gold diggers.
It fits into my recent theory: Men get turned on by how a woman looks in a swimsuit, but women only get turned on by looking at the man's bank book. stupidity

I suspected that they would charge you for three months of membership all at once, but you can't find out until you're on the screen where it puts in the credit card details. I purchased a Greendot card for the occasion, to make sure they didn't overcharge me, but the precaution is unnecessary. They DO warn you in advance that they will charge you $60 up front, and that's only if you want basic membership.
I'm not sure I like the selection on the site, especially how you can't eliminate the fat chicks until you pay them money. They must be keeping them in a big warehouse somewhere, and they just can't get rid of them all.
I'm afraid of paying dating sites because I hear so much about them being hacked and credit card information being stolen, and if only fat chicks are interested in me, then it's the same situation I faced with Okcupid, except I'm being stupid enough to give them money.
It's not like I'm not handsome or anything, I just don't know how to take an attractive selfie, and it limits who will actually give me the time of day. In real life, (at work at least) girls smile and talk to me, but they all have excuses not to want to meet outside work.


I saw a car with a bumper sticker that complained about how nobody is solving the overpopulation problem. I looked in the window and saw the person had three kids.
I felt like knocking on the door and saying, "Excuse me, ma'am. I couldn't help but notice that I'm better than you, because I've been living up to the message on your bumper sticker for over 20 years. My lack of participation in the gene pool has reduced humanity's carbon footprint and conserved the environment's resources. What the hell have you done?"

News story

I heard about a guy who insulted a chubby girl on a plane, and how people stuck up for her. That girl was actually cute looking.
I'd give anything to be able to find someone that attractive on Okcupid. It reminds me of how certain television shows have beautiful women getting picked on for being `ugly' because the director doesn't understand what ugly really looks like on camera. It's like "Pottery Barn Poor". I'm not talking about that Twilight Zone episode where the woman has bandages on her face, I'm talking about those shows where the girl looks average, might have a little chub, but isn't a cow, and they make a big production out of how so-called `fat' she is.

My best friend's weirding

The girl reminded me of my best friend, my male best friend. One of the things that bothers me about my best friend is that he likes to steer the car with his knees. It seems to be a delivery person technique (both she and my friend work delivery jobs), a delivery person technique that could end in a fatality.
She has similar tastes to my friend. I guess she doesn't like everything my friend does, but in all honesty, my male friend likes a lot of stuff that I find boring or sophomoric, in addition to stuff that we both like.
This is not to say that I don't like my best friend, I am only saying that I wouldn't want to marry him. And if I married that girl, I would essentially be marrying a female version of him. This is not what I want in a girlfriend.

Languages of Lurch

The girl said that I didn't hug her right. According to the Five Languages of Love, some book I guess I was supposed to read, my hug didn't show as affectionate or something.

I gave her a bunch of excuses about how I was raised in a family that didn't do hugs much, the men didn't hug, whatever, but let's be honest. I just didn't find her attractive.

Lurch factor. "Ughhhhh."


"Call 342-GOOD
For more good news
Call Mr. Good Rents!"
Why does nothing come up when I search for this song lyric?
"If you want it now,
get it now
Let Avenue Rentals show you how!
Avenue rentals!"

Reverse discrimination

I think a lot of the gay rights movement is just a backlash against African American civil rights. White people feel disenfranchised by black people taking positions they used to control in the fifties, they perceive them getting too many rights, too much leverage over them, so they start pushing sexual orientation issues to get the territory back.

Addendum: Rationaligaytions

One thing I forgot to mention about gay marriage. There's a whole financial issue involved. They like how wives in straight marriages can steal a whole fortune out from under their dead husbands. Also, they want to milk money out of government assistance programs, as they did in the movie Chuck and Larry.
Gay people often get that way because they had relatives that molested them as a child or a semi-adult. As the government legitimizes gay marriage, and allows them to adopt children, we'll have more and more gay people being made.
And then once we have widespread acceptance of gay marriage across the United States, all the pedophiles will want their turn at "civil rights", too, advertising THEMSELVES like they're some kind of Martin Luther King. People, you can't change being black, but you can change being gay, or a pedophile.