How to get rid of a toxic person

Got a toxic friend who uses you and only talks to you when they want something? Here's a good way to get rid of them: If they ask you for money, give it to them, then ask for them to repay you like they promised. They'll never talk to you again.

About hentai

I thought looking at hentai on Reddit wasn't as bad as looking at pornography, but then I thought about how they are swiping copyrighted art and animation from various places, and I may receive, as just punishment, someone stealing my intellectual property. Also, if someone slipped real pornography in between the cartoon images, it would be a moral snare.

Dementia and racism

I know a man who used to be creative when it came to saying offensive things about minorities and people of color. The things he would say could have made black people outraged if he said it to their face. Just a hint, he was a firm believer in eugenics.
Now that he has dementia, all that creativity is gone. When he sees an African American on TV, he merely yells, "Black black black!" in impotent rage.

The ineffectiveness of entertainment

Entertainment media cannot be used to cure America's social ills. I know someone with an anger problem who watched the "Killer Instinct" episode of the Incredible Hulk and still remained abusive and did not change.
Also, this person is a racist, and when they watched All In the Family, they sided with Archie's racist viewpoints. When the program presented a moral lesson about the racism, he merely became upset at the program.

Google fiber

My remote desktop and internet telephony equipment malfunctions when I try to do a blogger post during work. I think this may have to do with my Google fiber. It's odd, I think everything works on my phone online except blogger. It's like they're saying "Whoa, you're pushing the limits of your free basic internet" and kicking me down.

Wormtongue is real

I think Tolkien had a bipolar relative with dementia. That whole scenario with Wormtongue poisoning King Theoden against everybody, that's like Mania and bipolar attacking the person you love. They didn't hate you before, but now there's this guy whispering in their ear.

Physical trumps digital

I never trust any movie purchased online on a digital storehouse. I prefer DVDs. Today I have proof you shouldn't put all your money into digital video. This customer bought $400 of those through his cable provider, then moved to a city that doesn't have the company. The company refused to give him his digital movies. Now he's in collections and pissed.


My friend seems to be fixated on the eighties. A lot of other people have nostalgia for those "good old days", but I wouldn't want to go back. At least not to my old life with the poverty, alcoholism and abuse. I want to go back into someone else's life.

Tripod DYI

I had a piece of crap camera tripod with a leg that never stayed at the height I wanted. Kept slipping down. I got some Amazon gift cards from work and bought a green screen, but it was used, so the clamps wouldn't hold the screen. I was better off taping the screen to my wall and ditching the tripod.
Since I'm planning to move, I decided to throw both out, but suddenly discovered that the base of the green screen tripod is excellent. I removed the top of the camera stand, tightened its base clamp onto the top screw of the green screen tripod, and voila, I had a decent camera tripod for once.

Peanut gallery

I feel like my IQ drops a point every time I listen to sports announcers describing every play of the Superbowl like it's something deep and meaningful.